No More Plaque, Bad Breath, Tartar and Mouth Bacteria. Use Just 1 Item!

The oil pulling can be maybe the best method for oral care. This means swishing 1 tbsp of this for 20 min. this removes bacteria and makes oral health better.

 This method also is like detox for the teeth, gums and bad breath, but also can be used for whitening.

Many people tried this. They claimed this removed infections, hormonal imbalance, skin issues and headaches. Also no more bad breath, tartar and plaque.

Put a few tsps. sesame, olive or coconut oil inside the mouth to swish. After 20 min, spit this and rinse with water. For better results, do this before sleeping and before breakfast too.

During the swishing, the oil will become foamy and milky white. Try this immediately!