There are plenty different benefits of drinking gallon per day. Everyone should consider drinking more water.

It don’t cost anything, it’s calorie-free and fix digestive issues, as well as weight lose. It flushes out all toxins and improves health of hair and skin!

Many researches show that people who drink a couple of glasses water before a meal eat less food. Some even set the goal- drinking one gallon of water every day – even if it sounds impossible and even dangerous. This is actually pretty achievable if that consumption is spread evenly throughout the day. Moreover, as long as you stick to one gallon but don’t overdo it, it’s a safe practice that improves quality of well-being. Body wakes up feeling fresh and energized without need for big cup of coffee and is able to easily fight off food cravings.

Hunger or thirst-body gets confused over it. This is the main reason that most people are constantly dehydrated and eat food when feel thirsty. Drinking plenty of water sorts this problem out and also eliminates overeating forever!


Here is how to do it right:

#1. Right after waking up drink two big glasses of water and plus drink another one while preparing breakfast or getting ready for work. Moreover, during the breakfast, take an additional glass just to enhance digestion. Flavor the water by adding lemon, lime, or mint or cucumber slices. Just stay away from sugar.

#2. If you do exercises, drink additional amounts of water to compensate lost of water  through perspiration.

#3. Take a water bottle with you wherever you go. Always have a glass of fresh water at your desk.  One hour before lunch drink three glasses of water, then, two more glasses during the meal.

#4. Consume three glasses of water between lunch and dinner, then, drink two additional glasses during evening meal.

#5. Finally, take your last glass  instead of a late-night snack and make sure to drink this one a few hours before you go to bed- to prevent running to toilet during the night.

You’ll see spectacular results if try this for a month. Also energy levels will be high and stable throughout the whole day. Whole organism will be cleansed and running smooth. Also skin will glow; metabolism will be faster than ever. And very important-you’ll be able to maintain a healthy weight without need for expensive supplements. All this from the amazing properties of this life-giving liquid!


Drinking too much water at one time will overload kidneys and they cannot flush out the waste due to big amount. (This can cause hypothermia in which sodium level of body are significantly reduced.).Kidneys are ab to excrete up to 1 liter (0.26 gallons) in an hour.


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