Heart attacks usually happens if there isn’t any blood flowing to certain parts of heart and common cause is artery blockage (plaque), which is built-up inside the arteries and creates blood clot which blocks blood flow.

More than 1 million death cases in 1 year in U S are caused by Cardiovascular diseases and also Coronary artery disease – CAD causing heart attacks as most common cardiovascular disease.


Only changing of habbits and lifestyle prevent heart attack

Most common causes for heart attack are modern and fast life. This can be prevented. The KI (Karolinska Institute) found if men change their lifestyle and do these 5 healthy habits – will reduce the risk of heart attack by great 80%.

Healthy Habits Can Prevent Heart Attack:

  1. Not smoking
  2. Healthy food
  3. Not consuming alcohol
  4. More physical activities (cycling/walking 40 minute, and also exercising 1 h every week)
  5. Healthy circumference of waist
Healthy diet

Always avoid sugar and sugary stuff especially refined carbohydrates also processed foods. Saturated fats in foods like: eggs, butter or lard are not bad for you. These saturated fats impact LDL cholesterol-bad cholesterol, which is related to all heart diseases. There are two types of LDL cholesterol:

  • Low-density LDL cholesterol
  • High-density LDL cholesterol

High-density LDL cholesterol is not harmful at all, still should be careful, because of the low-density LDL cholesterol which is harmful and causes  plaque build-up. Refined sugar, bagels, bread and soda are increasing low-density LDL cholesterol as well.

Healthy plan
  • Avoid processed fructose or sugar and grains
  • Replace the grain carbohydrates with vegetables, high-quality protein, high-quality healthy fats: butter, raw dairy, organic pastured egg yolks, raw nuts, grass-fed meats, coconuts and coconut oil, avocados, organic nut oil.
  • Balance omega-3 to omega-6 ration.Omega-3 deficiency can cause different health problems as physical and mental. This is why you should consume oily fish: anchovies, sardines or take high-quality krill oil.
  • Eat lots of fruits, they are very powerful and beneficial source of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other phytochemicals, they have powerful anti-inflammatory and heart-healthy effects. People who eat fruit every day reduced 40% risk of cardiovascular disease. People need to follow this 2 simple rules:
  1. Leptin or insulin resistant: diabetics, overweighed and those with high cholesterol or hypertension should limit their fruit intake. Fructose intake shouldn’t exceed 15 gr/
  2. Other people, normal weight, not diabetic, hypertension, regular physical activity – consume fruits every day-especially after exercising when body will use this sugar as a body fuel and it won’t increase the blood sugar levels.
Diabetes drugs

Mmetformin- most common drugs for diabetes, related with increased risk of low levels thyroid-stimulating hormone – TSH. When this hormone is very low, it causes serious damage to body, cardiovascular problems – atrial fibrillation, which causes congestive heart failure. When treat type 3 diabetes with prescription drugs, it lowers glucose levels in your blood, but on other hand increases risk of death-heart-related diseases significantly.

Beta-blockers and Scientific Misconduct

Beta-blockers block neurotransmitters epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine from binding with beta receptors. These blockers are useful to patients, who need to undergo non-cardiac surgery. Latest statistic says almost 800,000 dies in Europe only, cause of the beta-blockers.

Heart must be protected
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Avoid long time and too much sitting
  • Consume more unprocessed saturated animal fats, but don’t consume sugars, including grains or processed fructose.
  • Avoid statins, because of bad side effects.
  • Do exercises a lot: weight-lifting, high-intensity interval training, core work, also stretch a lot.
  • Improve Vitamin D intake. Often go out on sun or take Vitamin D supplements.
  • Walk barefoot, to get powerful antioxidants from the Earth. Earth antioxidants are transferred through free electrons, and will relieve inflammation throughout the entire body.


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