With 1 Item Cure Head Lice, Bed Bugs, Herpes Sores and Pimples

Many people rub the alcohol on wounds and cuts for cleaning them and reducing infections risks. Alcohol disinfects nice and has many uses. Especially in the household and cosmetics too.

The best uses of rubbing alcohol:

Removal of bed bugs

 Sadly, it is hard to find and kill these bugs in mattresses, bed frames, beds, box springs, furniture and fabrics too. But this rubbing alcohol can remove these bugs. Just rub the alcohol by first placing it in spraying bottle, and spraying the needed areas. Also do this few times daily since these bugs reproduce really fast.

Cool pack

 Store the rubbing alcohol in the freezer and it will not freeze. It will just be cold, thick and massy. Use this method for making DIY cold pack. Add 2 parts water and 1 part alcohol in a plastic bag with zip seal. Remove as much air as you can before you put this in the freezer. After an hour use it.

Remove lice

 Lice also hate alcohol. Just fill a spraying bottle with lavender oil and alcohol. Then massage this mix on the scalp and hair and comb the hair next.

Natural deodorant

 This also kills bad bacteria and body smells. But is not good for everyday use since it might dry out the skin and irritate it.

Removal of nail polish

 Almost every nail polish has bad chemicals and acetone that damage the nails. Also this causes nausea. Oppositely, use alcohol for this aim. This will need longer time but it is worth it.

Cleaning ears

 Many people use cotton q-tips for this but this is and and can harm the ear and ear canal. Instead of this, make a mix of white vinegar and alcohol. Put this mix in a cup and dip a cotton swab in this and drop this in the ear, and the wax will remove itself.

Clearing the skin

 Many anti

 Acne items have benzoyl peroxide that is a chemical. But the alcohol is just as effective. It soothes the skin and removes inflammation, so it dries pimples and acne too. It will prevent new ones to form as well. Apply some on the pimple only to dry it off and not on the whole skin.

Healing herpes sores

 Did you know that 85% of people have the herpes virus and just few of them show signs and breakouts? The Michigan University said that putting 70% isopropyl alcohol on the herpes can remove them. If you have this issue, apply this item on the herpes sore.

For ingrown hairs

 Did you notice that red dots appear right after shaving? Massage the skin with some rubbing alcohol to remove inflammation and smoothen the skin.

For sanitizing hands

 Make a mix of ½ tbsp. alcohol and 4 oz aloe Vera gel and some tea tree oil drops. Then, put this in a bottle and use it.