An exercise which rules all is given in article below. 28 days challenge will give unbelievable results and desired sexy body.

I may say amazing results because thousands of people are already amazed of this workout routine. You can do it any time, any place  it is really quick and effective.

We are talking about the planks. These 28 days challenge transforms your body. Get yourself in shape by doing one simple exercise.

1 exercise, 4 minutes, 28 days. Nothing more or less. No complains on time or place. Let’s see what is that deal with this exercise.

This activates all of your muscles and greatest thing is that it is strengthening your core.

By doing plank body melts more fat deposits comparing to sit-ups. Here is strengthening the internal and external muscles on the back and core. Butts, arms and legs also feel strengthening pressure.

In one sentence, you’ll feel reborn after doing this exercise.

This 28-days challenge is designed for 4 straight weeks. The only thing that you need to increase is time, gradually every day, step by step.


The first step-holding the plank position 20 seconds. Easy right? Don’t look for excuse not to do it. The last step- achieve 4-minute plank or as long as you can hold it on. Should be non-paused plank.

After achieving this challenge, body is ready to take bigger challenges. Your core will “survive” all types of muscle long and hard exercises and you will enjoy working out.

Before  time-frame, it’s important to practice the correct plank position.

One pictures, thousand words. First lift yourself on your elbows and lean on your toes. Your upper body needs to be in a straight line. You are now in a plank position.


Don’t move. Hold it like that for:

  1. Day 1 20 do seconds
  2. Day 2 20 do seconds
  3. Day 3 30 do seconds
  4. Day 4  30 do seconds
  5. Day 5  40 do seconds
  6. Day 6  do rest
  7. Day 7  do 45 seconds
  8. Day 8  do 45 seconds
  9. Day 9  do 60 seconds
  10. Day 10 do60 seconds
  11. Day 11  do 60 seconds
  12. Day 12 do90 seconds
  13. Day 13 dorest
  14. Day 14 do 90 seconds
  15. Day 15– do 90 seconds
  16. Day 16  do 120 seconds
  17. Day 17—do 120 seconds
  18. Day 18do150 seconds
  19. Day 19– do rest
  20. Day 20  do150 seconds
  21. Day 21  do150 seconds
  22. Day 22  do180 seconds
  23. Day 23  do180 seconds
  24. Day 24  do210 seconds
  25. Day 25  do rest
  26. Day 26  do 210 seconds
  27. Day 27  do 240 seconds
  28. Day 28  do longest you can


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