Jean Haner, an “expert” in face reading claims that the eyebrows can reveal a lot about us. They can show our confidence, logic, motivation and organizational skills. Here’s what their shape says about you:

  1. Curved eyebrows

Curved eyebrows show a perfectionist, a person with strong visual perception due to his strong eye for details.

  1. Angled eyebrows

These people are creative, crafty and very talented, and believe that they can make something out of nothing.

  1. Straight eyebrows

People with straight eyebrows are very calm and collected and will always be there for you in times of need. These people are great multitaskers as well.

  1. Eyebrows with an upward curve

Upward eyebrows indicate a person prone to rivalries. These are ambitious people who do well at supervisory positions. They work hard to reach their goals, but their commitment to work can sometimes affect their relationships.

  1. Eyebrows that curve

People with these type of eyebrows are reasonable, but sometimes let their feeling take over reason. These eyebrows indicate balance as well.


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