After my engagement mom forced me to use this oil everyday before going to bath, I was surprised to see how my skin tone changed completely in just a month time

Ingredients needed:

Sesame oil,
Olive oil,
Orange peel,
Raw turmeric,
Camphor and

1. Put a pan on flame
2. In this pan add 500 ml of sesame oil
3. Add 500 ml extra virgin olive oil
4. Heat this oil for 2 minutes
5. Add raw turmeric, add about 50 gms of raw turmeric
6. Add peels of 2 oranges (Keep then in sunlight for 1 day before adding)
7. Add 100 ml of glycerine
8. Keep flame on low always, stir it for 10 minutes
9. Turn off the flame
10. Add 2 pinch of camphor
11. Let the oil cool and filter it
12. Use this oil 30 minutes before bath